Background knowledge tests of physical education and sports university students on individual learning programs



Postgraduate B.L. Batakov
Tchaikovsky State Institute of Physical Culture, Tchaikovsky

The national academic education system gives a special priority to the education service quality manifested in due competences, skills and the ability to apply them in practical professional service. Objective of the study was to test background knowledge of the physical education and sports university students enjoying individual learning programs. The author applied a special test bank of own design to test the background knowledge for three years in the 3+-year students of Tchaikovsky State Institute of Physical Culture, Tchaikovsky. The tests found progress in the background knowledge in every academic year on the whole and every discipline in particular. The theoretically grounded and practically tested test bank for the physical education and sports university students’ background knowledge tests with the knowledge building model was found beneficial as verified by the following (1) improved students’ motivations for the studies; (2) improvements in the academic process with interdisciplinary integration in vertical and horizontal directions – in the context of the common knowledge that the long-term memory retains only the knowledge claimed by every next education stage plus the practical service; (3) improvements in the academic progress tests and the academic faculty progress in application of the modern knowledge test technologies including the e-learning resources. The study data and practical experience may be beneficial for the progress/ final academic test systems. It is also important that the study has revealed a few problematic components in the academic education curricula to offer the academic education service improvement solutions.

Keywords: education service quality, background knowledge, tests, physical education, knowledge tests.


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