Hykso trackers to rate technical performance in kickboxing



PhD, Associate Professor M.B. Salamatov1
PhD, Associate Professor M.Yu. Stepanov2
1Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow
2Tchaikovsky State Institute of Physical Culture, Tchaikovsky

Video data analyses has lately evolved in one of the key analytical tools to rate the technical performance in boxing/ kickboxing albeit progress of this test tool applications has long been limited by a few drawbacks including: the long time required for the video data processing; shortage of the strike speed and trajectory metering tools etc. These problems have been largely solved by new Hykso tracking technology that gives the means to rate the boxing techniques and tactics on a real-time basis to help shape up the individual fight style and develop fight plans for every bout. The individual punching/ kicking power profiling (qualitative and quantitative) data helps the coach and athlete track every advantage and error to individualize the training system on a most efficient and timely basis. Hykso technology counts punches and measures their speed/ power using two independent accelerometers plus gyroscope to produce 3D-tracks with resolutions of up to 1000 dots per second. The Hykso trackers are so small and light that may be placed under the bandage to profile the training/ competitive performance on a real-time online basis. This technology brings new quality to the training process by securing a permanent flow of performance data and its processing to facilitate progress with account of the individual progress specifics versus the expected (model) characteristics. The technology also saves time and makes the traditional long video analyses unnecessary. The punching power profiling data flow facilitates efficient decision-making in the training process and its fast customizing for the individual progress.

Keywords: punching activity, intensity, speed, Hykso tracker.


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