Zwift training software for winter trainings of cyclists



A.S. Kariauli
Petrozavodsk State University, Petrozavodsk

New scientific developments and digital technologies facilitate progress of the modern training systems to secure individual progress and help design and control the training process on a most efficient and effective basis. The article analyzes benefits of ZWIFT training software for winter trainings of professional cyclists (rather than the amateurs willing to maintain fitness in winter time by preferred alternative sports) with application of new energy supply control and training process management (FTP) technologies. ZWIFT software may be described as the multiuser online training system for simultaneous trainings of up to 3-5 thousand people all over the world, with the software tools securing a real-time communication, feedbacks and discussions on every aspect of the training model. The application training software is increasingly popular in the professional global cycling communities including the elite teams competing in the Tour de France, Giro d'italia, Vuelta Espana etc. It should be emphasized that ZWIFT software offers a variety of training options customizable based on the universal FTP rates obtainable in the training process by the convenient FTP tests. The software totally releases the trainees and coaches from manual timing exercise as it reminds each trainee when he/she should work harder or easier. Apart of the key mission related test rates, ZWIFT meters and displays the heart rate, speed and power rate in the training process.

Keywords: ZWIFT, virtual reality, cycling sport.


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