Physical development forecasting and training program efficiency rating in children’s sport aerobics

Physical development forecasting and training program efficiency rating in children’s sport aerobics


Associate Professor A.V. Trufanova1
Dr.Med., Professor V.G. Chernozemov1
Dr.Med., Professor S.G. Sukhanov1
PhD, Associate Professor N.V. Afanasenkova1
PhD, Associate Professor I.E. Korelskaya1
1Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov, Arkhangelsk

Modern sport aerobics is a complicated sport discipline with its difficult routines, high-intensity and long dynamic and static physical exercises that involve the own and partner’s body masses. Sampled for the physical progress tests were the 10-13 year old girls qualified for the beginner sport aerobics groups. We applied a set of anthropometric characteristics and physical fitness tests to rate the developmental harmony and the key physical qualities (strength, flexibility, movement coordination etc.) versus the relevant age standards; with the test data analyzed by regressive modeling tools.
The anthropometric characteristics and physical fitness tests proved benefits of the new training model making a special emphasis on the key physical qualities critical for success in sport aerobics. The study data and analysis of the strength and coordination correlation factors in additionwith the regression equations may be used to forecast progress in specific physical qualities and qualify gifted children for the sport aerobics groups.

Keywords: children, sport aerobics, training workloads, regressive modeling.


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