Sport interview: strategy, design and content

Sport interview: strategy, design and content


Dr.Hab., Professor V.M. Shulyatyev1
PhD, Associate Professor M.A. Bulavina1
1Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Moscow

Modern sports may be defined as the mass public service domain with their sports-specific lexicons and competitive/ training process communication tools in the context of the wider social interactions with the outside world: sport equipment manufacturers and suppliers, lawyers, managers, sport agents, supporters, mass media organizations etc. Objective of the study was to analyze the modern sport celebrity portraying interview for the traditional and modern media organizations geared to cater for the public interest in sports and their ambassadors. The study was governed by the growing appreciation of the modern sports and their socio-cultural role in the modern world, with the mass media organizations being central for dialogues of the sport celebrities and spectators. The study was designed to explore content and communication technologies of a modern sport interview with their specific verbal toolkit. Most of the sport celebrities portraying interviews were found to be designed to cultivate a positive image of the character by a variety of communication tactics including compliments, doubts etc. The article analyzes the sample interview design and elements with a special attention to the lead elements geared to win and keep up interest of the audience. It was concluded that high communication competency and skills are critical nowadays for the sport shareholders in view of the high communication-intensity of the modern sport system.

Keywords: sport celebrity portraying interview, communication competence, communication strategies and tactics.


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