Young athletes’ psychological predispositions for doping

Young athletes’ psychological predispositions for doping


Dr.Hab., Professor S.I. Filimonova1
PhD, Associate Professor V.M. Smirnov2
PhD, Associate Professor N.N. Uvarova2
E.A. Khristenko3
M.N. Pukhovskaya1
1Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow
2Gzhel State University, Gzhel
3Russian Anti-Doping Agency RUSADA, Moscow

Doping issues are ranked high on the list of priorities by the modern global sports. The present article analyzes the psychological predispositions of young athletes for doping found by a questionnaire survey timed to the 2019 (XXIX) World Winter Universiade in Krasnoyarsk. The survey data analysis showed progress of the doping control initiatives including the relevant legal and regulatory provisions, multiple research projects, service personnel training initiatives, anti-doping advocacy campaigns etc. Young athletes were found aware of the negative health costs of doping that cannot be offset by unfair and illegal competitive accomplishments. It was also found that the doping control issues are still relevant and important for progress of the modern sports. The still remaining predispositions for doping are dominated by hedonistic, pain-killer and rehabilitation process spurring motivations plus the individual last for new sensations and impressions with the doping tried mostly for experimental reasoning.

Keywords: doping, psychological predispositions, junior athletes, doping control.


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