Building young people’s motivations for healthy lifestyle

Building young people’s motivations for healthy lifestyle


PhD, Associate Professor S.I. Zheleznyakova1
PhD, Associate Professor L.I. Batyuk1
Dr.Sc.Hist., Professor I.M. Kornilova1
A.V. Skatershchikova1
1Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow

As reported by the recent questionnaire surveys, health is ranked nowadays among the key human values and perceived an indispensable resource for the life missions and the life quality improvements. Objective of the study was to analyze the typical health behaviors and practices in the young people’s communities. The study classifies the typical mindsets and behavioral patterns of young people in the health protection and improvement domain; makes assessment of the personal health visions and health practices; and outlines the typical blunders and contradictions in the young people’s health agendas and cultures. The study data were collected by questionnaire surveys and focus interviews on health issues. Sampled for the study were the 18-20 year old students (n=292) grouped by ages and genders. The study data and analyses made it possible to: outline the key attitudes to healthy lifestyle and health values; set criteria for an ideal healthy lifestyle; analyze the typical health practices and agendas; and identify the conflict between the declared commitment for healthy lifestyle and real health practices – that should ideally include at least some of the healthy lifestyle elements. The healthy lifestyle basics are interpreted as follows: healthy diets; healthy daily regimen; healthy sleeping habits; everyday physical activity; and good stress tolerance. The study found a variety of objective and subjective barriers for the health motivations and offered the most efficient healthy lifestyle promotion methods to form and build up health motivations and values in the young people’s communities.

Keywords: motivation, physical culture, youth, health protection, health culture, healthy lifestyle, health values.


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