Physical education service at university of economics: mission and progress policies

Physical education service at university of economics: mission and progress policies


Dr.Hab., Professor L.B. Andryushchenko1
Dr.Hab., Professor S.I. Filimonova1
Dr.Hab., Associate Professor M.O. Aksenov2
Dr.Biol., Associate Professor V.N. Pushkina1
1Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow
2Buryat State University n.a. Dorzhi Banzarov, Ulan-Ude

The National Socio-economic Progress Forecast for the period up to 2030 underlines the need for a flexible and diverse vocational education system sensitive to the labor market demands and economic progress goals and supported by sound financial and technical provisions. The study analyzes the Physical Education Department service mission that is to secure excellent health culture and health competences for the students to facilitate their professional service based on traditional and modern innovative health, sporting and IT technologies and physical progress/ health test systems. Furthermore, the study overviews the policies dictated by the physical education service mission and relevant institutional and practical provisions including: highly experienced and competent faculty; practical provisions and assets for the quality education service; innovative activity of the research and education schools; international cooperation and commercial activity; expert activities; public advocacy and cultural projects. The study data and analyses give grounds to conclude that the academic physical education service quality at university of economics may be improved by the target initiatives to: advance the professional competences and skills of the faculty; improve the innovative domain of the ongoing research and practical activity; harmonize the academic class and off-class education service formats with due contribution from the commercial services to secure progress of the academic physical education Department service and role.

Keywords: physical education personnel training in Russia, physical education, mission, progress strategy.


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