Counterattack tactics with side movements in boxing

Associate Professor, PhD A.A. Romashov1
Associate Professor, PhD O.B. Malkov1
A.O. Zvezdova1
1Russian State University of Justice, Moscow

Tactical benefits of a range of side movements are sport-specific in the array of modern martial arts. The side movement footwork in modern boxing is mostly defensive and partially serves the mobile attacks and counterattacks. Side movements are generally senseless in the situations when the opponent keeps punching from distance and keeps the range by back movement to avoid a close fight. Side movements are basically designed to complicate focusing for the opponent and solve the attack lining related tactical issues. Unexpected side/ diagonal moves are also intended to imbalance and in-coordinate the opponents’ combat patterns, complicate the range-finding and punching efforts in the encounter, and complicate the opponents’ attack and footwork on the whole. When the immediate tactical goals are attained as required by the own fight plan and tactics, the side movements may significantly step up the counterattack efficiency. The article overviews and summarized the tactics, logics and mechanisms of the side movement facilitated counterattacks in modern boxing.

Keywords: boxing tactics, side movement, counterattack, coordination, tactical goals, punch line, punch trigger moment.


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