Role of physical education in personality development process

Associate Professor, Dr.Hab. S.V. Kakhnovich1
Professor, Dr.Hab., Head of Physical Education and Special Training Chair V.V. Izvekov2
Associate Professor, PhD K.V. Izvekov2
1Mordovian State Pedagogical Institute named after M.E. Evsevyev, Saransk, Republic of Mordovia
2Saransk Cooperative Institute, affiliate of Russian Cooperation University, Saransk

In the context of the modern policies to advance the students’ motivations for healthy lifestyles, universities take efforts to improve the Physical Education curriculum in the academic education service. The study was designed to test’ motivations for healthy lifestyles and academic PE service in students of Mordovian State Pedagogical Institute named after M.E. Evsevyev by a questionnaire survey run at the Pedagogical Department and Humanities Department, with 125 students sampled for the study. The questionnaire survey was intended to probe the students’ attitudes in the following three domains: (1) healthy lifestyles; (2) GTO Complex tests and results; and (3) daily Physical Education practices. The survey showed the highest appreciation of the daily academic Physical Education practices by the Physical Education Department students engaged in professional sports and focused on careers in the sport sector. The 1-2-year students of different specialties were tested more successful in the GTO Complex tests than the senior students; more committed to healthy lifestyles; and more active in the daily Physical Education practices. The study data and analyses provide a sound basis for the initiatives to motivate students for healthy and physically active lifestyle.

Keywords: Physical Education, personality, general culture.


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