Personality qualities versus competitive success rates in elite women's weightlifting sport

Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №7 2019

Dr.Hab., Professor I.F. Andruchshishin1
Dr.Hab., Professor I.P. Sivokhin2
PhD G. Tolegenova3
N.A. Ogienko2
1Kazakh Academy of Sports and Tourism, Almaty, Kazakhstan
2Kostanay State Pedagogical University, Kostanay, Kazakhstan
3Turan-Astana, Astana, Kazakhstan

Every decision made by an athlete in competitions may have immense effects both for the individual success and the national team standing. A theoretical analysis of the available literature on the subject shows that the personality related issues versus the competitive progress rating studies are still very limited, mostly related to the men's sports and often gender-unspecific. The study was designed to rate the personality qualities versus the competitive success rates in elite women's weightlifting sport. Sampled for the study were elite women weightlifters (n=15) from the national team of Kazakhstan Republic, five of whom are ranked with the top-ten global leaders and the others ranked 20-30ies on the global ranking list.
The high-value personality qualities of the sample were found dominated by anxiety, proneness to domination, high mental control, radicalism, activity and reactive balancing qualities; and the low-value personality qualities included the thinking pace. It should be emphasized that the middle-weight class was found distinct in the core personality qualities from the light- and heavyweight classes – that may be explained by the higher competitive success rates of the middle-weight athletes.

Keywords: elite female weightlifters, personality qualities, competitive success rate.


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