Features of activity of the russian delegation in the federation of physical education europe

Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №7 2019

Dr.Hab., Professor F.I. Sobyanin1
PhD, Associate Professor I.N. Nikulin1
PhD, Associate Professor A.P. Peresypkin1
PhD, Associate Professor T.V. Nikulina1
1Belgorod State National Research University, Belgorod

Despite the growing international tensions and political disagreements, we should acknowledge some progress in the global physical education projects as demonstrated, among other things, by activities of the European Physical Education Federation (FIEP, FÉDÉRATION INTERNATIONALE D´ÉDUCATION PHYSIQUE) established in 1923 to promote the best international experience in the physical education service domain. The article analyzes the key stages in the Russian delegation’s activity in the period of 2009 through 2018. First stage is the experience accumulation period when the primary contacts were established to launch the joint international research projects and expert examinations, when the Russian delegates’ contribution was acknowledged by first awards. At the second stage, the Russian delegation gave a special priority to its contributions to every FIEP operation including nominations to the editorial board of ‘The Physical Education and Sport Through the Centuries’ Journal and collective monographs publishing projects to analyze the global PE history and progress of many sport disciplines. The early third stage shows the growing role, authority and commitment for a closer international cooperation of the Russian delegation in FIEP – always prepared to contribute to the large-scale research projects under the auspices of the leading global non-governmental organizations.

Keywords: delegation, Russia, FIEP, Europe, physical education.


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