Electronic education algorithms for academic physical education theory and practice

Electronic education algorithms for academic physical education theory and practice


Dr.Hab., Professor I.S. Barchukov
Russian State University of Physical Education, Sports, Youth and Tourism (SCOLIPE), Moscow

Physical education service experience shows that academic learning process may be facilitated by its algorithmic design. Objective of the study in this context was to put the academic physical education theory and practice learning process in the electronic education system on an algorithmic basis. The educational process algorithms will be discrete, determined, clear, final, universal, effective and inclusive in their contents; whilst the algorithmic education cycles classified into the global; IT; legal and regulatory; administrative design and informational; learning; methodological; practical implementation; research; forecast and strategic; progress test; and analytical cycles. The author concludes that the modern electronic education may effectively complement the physical education theory learning curricula and, hence, may be considered a new academic and research discipline with its consistent philosophical, educational, cultural, programmatic, technological, social, economic, medical and biological provisions to secure quality trainings of highly professional specialists for the national and global labor markets.

Keywords: algorithm, electronic education, nanotechnologies, physical education .


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