Comparative analysis of technical/ tactical toolkits applied in elite Russian versus European football



Postgraduate A.S. Zaichenko1
PhD, Professor Y.A. Popov1
1Russian State University of Physical Education, Sports, Youth and Tourism (SCOLIPE), Moscow

The study gives an analysis of the technical and tactical tools (TTT) applied by elite Russian footballers versus their peers in the European football (from Germany, France, Italy, Spain and England). The study was preceded by an analysis of the most popular and successful TTT that make it possible for the players to attain the most challenging goals in football and win the matches. Modern football is more than ever demanding to the individual technical mastery of each player that forms a basis for the match performance efficiency and versatility.
The objective data arrays generated by the study gave the means to rate the TTT and performance of the Russian Football Premier League versus that of the leading European clubs and identify the deficiencies and drawbacks to be corrected to step up the individual TTT of the players and thereby contribute to the club game popularity and competitive success. This issue shall be in top priority for the Russian football community. The study data and analyses may be helpful for the efforts to correct and improve the individual TT toolkits of the players to secure their progress on the global arenas.

Keywords: technical and tactical tools, game roles, leading European leagues, Russian Football Premier League, TTT in qualitative and quantitative terms.


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