Positive image building technology in application to sport discipline



Dr.Med., Associate Professor A.L. Pokhachevsky1
Associate Professor O.V. Krapivin1
Associate Professor V.N. Mikhalev1
Associate Professor A.A. Truntyagin1
V.M. Mikhailov2
1Academy of FPS of the Russian Federation, Ryazan
2Mega Medical Center, Ivanovo

Correlations of the brain psycho-physiological activity with the physical working capacity are still largely underexplored by the modern science. Objective of the study was to analyze effects of the psycho-autonomic control on the physical load tolerance. A group of 18-23 year-old athletes (n=23) in a monthly training cycle was sampled for the study purposes. Tested in the study were trait and state anxiety, WAM (wellbeing, activity, mood) and neuroticism level; with the physical working capacity tested by the maximal cycle ergometer test; neurohumoral regulation by the heart rate variability test in the clino- and ortho-stasis. The neurohumoral regulation mechanisms were found of notable effect on the physical load tolerance in the sample, with Ewing index and autonomic balance in orthostasis recognized the best process markers. Influences of the regular psycho-emotional status markers on the physical stress tolerance were found insignificant.

Keywords: trait, state anxiety, wellbeing, activity, mood, neuroticism level, physical working capacity .


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