Coordination qualities advancing model for the 2-year beginner youth male football groups



O.V. Kudryavtseva1
PhD, Associate Professor V.G. Teryan1
O.A. Chernyshova1
PhD, Associate Professor M.A. Kaimin1
PhD, Associate Professor M.V. Savin1
1Moscow City Pedagogical University, Moscow

The presently low competitive progress in the national football urges the sport community give a special attention to the physical trainings of junior footballers since their early days in the sport. The study analyzes benefits of the new coordination abilities advancing model for the 2-year beginner youth male football groups that implies the traditional physical trainings being complemented by a set of age-specific team game practices. The coordination qualities advancing model was tested at the Children and Youth Olympic Reserve Sport School of Chertanovo FC and Children and Youth Sport School ‘Timiryazevets’, Moscow, with the test sample split up into an Experimental (EG) and Reference (RG) Groups of 20 people each. The experiment was run for 7 months (October 2017 through April 2018) indoors and outdoors at the above schools. The coordination abilities advancing team games of 10-15min each were played once per every training session. The study data and analyses show benefits of the tested training model as verified by the EG vs. RG progress in the coordination tests. We produced recommendations on how the new coordination abilities advancing model should be implemented in the traditional physical training system with application of the age-specific individualized team games and due sensitivity to the trainees technical/ tactical skills and actual physical fitness indices, with the model notably contributing in the long run to the footballers’ competitive performance.

Keywords: coordination abilities, male footballers, training process, body conditioning, team game practices.


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