Municipal sport-prioritizing physical education system design experience: Kolomna case study



PhD, Associate Professor E.D. Mitusova1
PhD, Associate Professor M.S. Veselkin1
PhD, Associate Professor M.V. Andrianov1
1State University of Humanities and Social Studies, Kolomna, Moscow Region

Objective of the study was to provide a theoretical basis for a municipal sport-prioritizing individualized physical education system design for the primary- and secondary school groups. The experimental sport-prioritizing individualized physical education system was piloted in the town of Kolomna (Moscow Oblast) to test three key stages in the system implementation process. Stage one was designed to set missions and goals for the sport-prioritizing individualized physical education system in Kolomna. At stage two, the sports-specific education curricula and action plans to complement the mass physical education and sports programs of the local general education schools were offered. And at stage three, the new system and technologies were implemented in the school physical education management system. The study found that the new municipal sport-prioritizing physical education system is beneficial for the management quality in every element of the school physical education system.

Keywords: sportizated approach, comprehensive school, sport school, interests of schoolchildren.


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