Physical fitness tests in blind sports


PhD, Associate Professor A.A. Baryaev
St. Petersburg Scientific Research Institute of Physical Culture, St.Petersburg

The study analyzes benefits of the physical fitness tests in the blind/ vision impaired sports.
Objective of the study was to show benefits of the customizable sport- and diagnose-specific physical fitness test system to facilitate synergy of the training process actors including coaches, instructors, doctors and analysts.
The test system was used to improve the training process of the Russian national blind/ vision impaired goalball and judo paralympians. Sampled for the study were the Russian national team paralympians (n=18) and athletes from the All Russia Association of the Blind who were tested in special training sessions. The study data and analyses showed benefits of the blind/ visually impaired athletes’ physical fitness tests for the training process to be customized to the individual needs and capacities of the athletes.

Keywords: physical fitness, blind sports, goalball, judo, diagnostic monitoring.


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