Specialist training for national physical education and sport sector: history and modern experience


Dr.Hab., Professor E.N. Gerasimova1
PhD, Associate Professor A.A. Shakhov1
1Yelets State Ivan Bunin University, Yelets

The town of Yelets is proud of its great sport traditions and plentiful local sport celebrities including A. Petrov, one of the first Russian Olympians (French wrestling) who won a silver medal in the 1908 Olympic Games. It has taken many years for the Yelets government to build up an efficient and effective athletic training services supported by own academic physical education center. This centralized service has been raised for fifteen years since the Sport Department has been established at Yelets State Ivan Bunin University. Services of the new educational center have been so effective that it has met the demand for the highly competent and skilled physical education and sport specialists in the town and Lipetsk region with the University taking the lead in sport research, education and training in the region. Applied for the study purposes were the archive materials, sport periodicals, study reports and memoirs of the sport activists and analysts to analyze the historical progress and present situation with the physical education and sport specialist training services at the University.

Keywords: Yelets, physical education and sports, vocational education, history, Yelets State Ivan Bunin University.


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