First-year students’ swimming tests with comparative analysis prior to practical training


PhD, Associate Professor N.N. Kladkin1
M.N. Protodyakonova1
PhD, Associate Professor M.I. Sentizova1
L.L. Platonova1
1Institute of Physical Culture and Sport of Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University, Yakutsk

The study analyses the North-Eastern Federal University first-year students’ (four groups) swimming test data, with the 50m/ 100m swimming (optional style) tests used to qualify the students for practical training.
The study was performed at North-Eastern Federal University in 2013 through 2016, with the students sampled in the following University units: Mining Institute (MI), Geological Survey Department (GSI), Natural Science Institute (NSI), and Department of History (DH). Sampled for the study were the 17-20 year-old (n=1783, including 630 female and 1153 male) first-year students. The sample was split up into four groups composed of 10-12 female and 15-17 male students.
The study data and analyses showed that the limited time from February to May is too short for the progress in the swimming course. We believe that subject to the swimming practices should be the whole student population since the first semester. It was found that the swimming abilities of the first-year students directly depend on how systemic their swimming practices are.

Keywords: comparative analysis, Swimming section, first-year student, admission to practical training, result.


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