Shots in goalball: specifications and classification


PhD, Associate Professor A.V. Kornev1
Dr.Hab., Professor M.A. Pravdov1
1Russian State Social University, Moscow

Goalball as a sport for visually impaired athletes in the existing system of adaptive sports has never been analyzed to offer theoretical and practical basics to classify the players’ techniques and actions. It should be noted that the modern goalball techniques are very versatile, complicated and evolve within the frame of the sport-specific rules, outfits and the refereeing service system being customized to the individual health deficiencies and physical fitness levels. Therefore, we believe it might be beneficial to at least classify the shooting techniques versus the relevant tactical combinations.
The article analyzes the modern goalball offensive techniques and tactics with an emphasis on the shots on goal. There are grounds to conclude that it is the shots on goal that may be ranked the key offensive action in goalball classifiable as follows: (1) one-/two-hand shots; (2) shots different in the player’s positioning; 3) shots different in the ball trajectories; (4) shots different in the distances; and (5) shots different in the directions. The proposed classification demonstrates the high versatility of the modern goalball shots applicable as required by the specific game situations.

Keywords: game technique and tactics, goalball, classification, shots on goal.


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