Ways to expand range and efficiency of preschool physical education practices



Postgraduate Y.B. Bogdanova1
Dr.Biol., PhD E.Y. Andriyanova1
1Velikie Luki State Academy of Physical Culture and Sports, Velikie Luki

The study was intended to explore benefits of an expanded set of preschool physical education practices in application to the 6-7 year olds including special swimming and gymnastics exercises. One of the three regular and traditional weekly physical education lessons was substituted by the gymnastics and swimming basics mastering practices. The new physical education gymnastics-and-swimming-prioritising model was found beneficial as verified by the children’s progress in the flexibility, dexterity, shoulder muscles strength, lower limbs speed-strength, and coordination ability rating tests and improved fitness for the age-specific GTO Complex tests. The expanded range of physical exercises including gymnastics applied in the regular physical education lessons made it possible to achieve higher children’s physical fitness rates versus the primary swimming lessons.

Keywords: 6-7 year olds’ physical fitness, physical activity rate, GTO Complex.


  1. Veraksa N.E., Komarova T.S., Vasilyeva M.A. Ot rozhdeniya do shkoly. Primernaya obscheobrazovatelnaya programma doshkolnogo obrazovaniya (pilotny variant) [From birth to school. Approximate general preschool education program (pilot version)]. Moscow: Mozaika sintez publ., 2014, 368 p.