Teenage body conditioning system improvement in application to 14-15 year-old beginner weightlifters



Fizicheskaya kultura: vospitanie, obrazovanie, trenirovka №3-2017, pp.40-42

PhD, Associate Professor N.A. Petukhov1
PhD, Professor V.N. Ivanitsky1
PhD V.E. Belz1
I.M. Istigechev1
1Tomsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Tomsk

Presently Russian Children’s and Youth Sport Schools (CYSS) recruit children to the weightlifting sport groups starting from 10 years of age albeit it is still traditional for the weightlifting sport groups supported by the general education schools, gymnasia, military cadet establishments etc. to recruit at least 14-15 year-olds. Under the modern standards, this age is considered late enough for the beginner weightlifters for the reason that their peers who entered the sport at the age of 10 normally reach high sport qualifications by that time. However, it should be mentioned that the body conditioning component of the beginner training process is still largely underdeveloped. The authors designed and tested by an experiment a body conditioning model geared to bridge this gap. The study data and analyses showed that the body conditioning system for the 14-15 year-olds will be duly customised to the age-specific heterogeneity of the key physical qualities (strength, speed, endurance, flexibility and dexterity) formation process, with a special emphasis need to be made on the individually retarded physical qualities (with the relevant specific training taking up to 30% of the total time). The Study Group three-weekly training system was designed on an age-specific basis as follows: week 1: physicality developing training; week 2: high-intensity training; and week 3: rehabilitative training. The Study Group showed the highest progress as verified by the progress rating tests, with particularly expressed progress in the strength and speed-strength qualities tests including the standing long jumps; 30-second prone back-down bends forward; and pull-ups on horizontal bar tests.

Keywords: weightlifters, general physical fitness, 14-15 year-old weightlifters, primary athletic training stage.


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