Children's summer recreation system design in context of legal and regulatory barriers



Fizicheskaya kultura: vospitanie, obrazovanie, trenirovka №3-2017, pp.26-28

Dr.Hab., Professor G.N. Germanov1
PhD, Associate Professor A.Y. Mindel2
PhD G.A. Vasenin3
1Pedagogical Institute of Physical Culture and Sports, Moscow
2Public organization NGO "Education. Sport. Rehabilitation ", Moscow
3School № 17, Moscow

Are there some correlations between the deteriorating environmental conditions and the growing health problems? We believe it is high time to discuss the rules of social life being put in harmony with nature. How can we help the young people love nature and be responsible for it? How can a person loving active life and adventures find his/her place in society? How the active recreation and health agenda may be harmonized with environmental protection policies?
The public advocacy initiatives including the healthy lifestyle cultivation and environment-sensitive school education programs have been implemented in practice in an “environmental expedition” format to build up conscientious and habitual health and environment protection agenda in the trainees and to help them develop healthy lifestyles and sensitivity to the environmental protection issues.
It should be noted with regret that the modern young generation is little if at all aware of the modern environmental protection standards and challenges in the school education period as the school curricula provide little opportunities for practical environmental protection walking tours to acquire the relevant basic competencies.
Children’s and youth tourism provides highly effective tools for combined off-class education and cultural process with an emphasis on the physical and ethical health improvement aspects. Since the modern tourist activity is no less versatile as the everyday life, it offers ample mechanisms to develop and improve the individual knowledge, skills, qualities and interests in the tours and adventures. The tourist services including a variety of trips and stationary recreation services in natural environments provide excellent opportunities to combine work with rest, learning with entertainment, practical labour with physical exercises; with the range of services being equally acceptable and entertaining both for top managers and adolescents, since the basic leisure time recreational and sporting activities are the largely the same for everybody.

Keywords: environment-sensitive tourism, trips, expeditions, family recreation, health improvement, physical culture, active recreation.


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