Ontokinesiological vector of research of Bal'sevich's pedagogical scholar school



Fizicheskaya kultura: vospitanie, obrazovanie, trenirovka №3-2017, pp.2-4

Dr.Hab., Professor L.D. Nazarenko
Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University named after I.N. Ulyanov, Ulyanovsk

It was prominent scientist V.K. Bal'sevich who had made a great contribution into the national pedagogical and sport science. The technologies of the theoretical and methodological support of sports training of the USSR and Russian Federation teams for the largest sports forums he had developed helped our athletes to achieve outstanding results at the Olympic Games, the World and European Athletics Championships.
The pedagogical scholar school, headed by Vadim Konstantinovich Bal'sevich and his student, Professor Lyudmila Ivanovna Lubysheva, enabled the author to develop, theoretically and experimentally verify a new motor coordination qualities building theory.
The works by professor V.K. Bal'sevich and professor L.I. Lubysheva with their original concepts of the introduction of physical culture and sports in the life of every person, as well as unique ideas that had been introduced in the program of sportization of schools and other educational institutions; formation of sports culture, determined the direction of further research in the field of physical education of children, adolescents and youth.

Keywords: pedagogical scholar school, Bal'sevich's original concept, sportization, sports culture, ontokinesiology.


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