GIS-technologies to improve safety and entertaining aspect of mass orienteering events in megalopolises


Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №6 2017, pp.102-104

A.A. Ermachenkov1
PhD V.A. Byrkin1
1National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, Moscow

The growing popularity of mass orienteering events has brought to the forefront a few critical challenges. First, top priority needs to be given to the safety of competitors since the orienteering events with their forest racing activities are always associated – even in good weather conditions – with high risks of traumas (from sharp boughs, falls on cliffs, ravines etc.). And, second, the entertaining aspect of the events needs to be advanced. The present study considers promises of modern communication geo-information (GIS) technologies to help solve the both above-mentioned problems i.e. step up the safety standards and advance the entertaining aspect of the events. The study data give the means to offer new technological solutions to make it possible to step up, on a cost-efficient basis, the safety and management standards and the entertaining aspect of the competitions.

Keywords: orienteering, safety, GIS technologies, competitions.


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