Motivational programmatic and goal-setting provisions for academic physical education and health improvement process


Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №6 2017, pp.94-95

Dr.Hab., Professor V.N. Irkhin1
PhD, Associate Professor L.A. Kadutskaya1
PhD, Associate Professor Т.V. Nikulina1
PhD, Associate Professor A.P. Peresypkin1
1Belgorod State National Research University, Belgorod

The study considers theoretical grounds for the motivational programmatic and goal-setting provisions for the academic physical education and health improvement process (PEHIP) management. We made an overview the institutional and educational conditions, goal tree and executive and management programs for the physical education and health improvement process; and acquired a practical experience of the traditional and innovative methods, forms and tools being combined and tested at Belgorod State National University by the relevant motivational situations (including the situations that need critical self-rating; due management actions; adequate goal-setting; delegating the initiative etc.). The study data and analyses showed that an excellent coordination of activities of the educators, physicians, psychologists, physical training instructors and physiologists is indispensable as one of the key management and educational condition for the PEHIP being efficient. The coordination was secured by the relevant integrated database to facilitate the students’ health assessment, forecasts and corrections on an individualised basis.

Keywords: physical education and health improvement process, motivational programmatic and goal-setting provisions, university.


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