Students' Olympic attitudes to sports: notion and structure



Associate Professor, PhD M.M. Oreshkin
Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Moscow

The article offers a new notion of the Olympic attitudes to sports and a rationale for the relevant attitudes of students to sports being cultivated in academic communities, with a special emphasis on the structure of such attitudes. Objective of the study was to spell out the meaning of the Olympic attitudes to sports dominating in university students. The students’ Olympic attitudes to sports imply the Olympic values, ideals, standards and behavioural models being accepted and reasonably structured. We conclude that the structure of the students’ Olympic attitudes to sports includes the following key elements: knowledge of the relevant humanistic and Olympic values; skills and abilities pivotal for the Olympic education and operational fitness for a variety of Olympic activities; appreciation of the Olympic ideals and initiatives; and the Olympic motivations and determined Olympic activities.

Keywords: sport, Olympism, Olympic values, Olympic attitudes to sports.


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