Typical piloting errors of beginner motor racers: systematizing study



Dr.Hab., Professor E.S. Tsygankov1
Associate Professor, PhD V.N. Zudin1
Associate Professor, PhD N.A. Vlasova1
Master's student E.N. Vlasov1
1Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sport, Youth and Tourism (GTSOLIFK), Moscow

Competitive motor sport disciplines (including highway circuit race, car rally, autocross and track race) have always been challenging for the racers driving the cars in highly competitive and extreme conditions and therefore exposed to high accident risks. It should be noted that the beginner pilots’ accident rates are mostly due to their piloting errors. Objective of the study was to put in system the typical piloting errors of the beginner motor racers. The fixed and reported errors were classified into the morphological, technical and functional ones. Some of them are due to the theoretical illiteracy and the others may be provoked by the ill-advises of “experienced peers” plus too high reliance on the own skills and experience with the safety being sacrificed for the illusion of comfort. Based on the study data and findings, we offer the following recommendations: the beginner racing drivers should revise their piloting techniques to exclude the erroneous/ impractical elements and skills; obtain the individual skill rates from the relevant coaches and experts knowledgeable and skilful in the subject; improve the piloting speed and master the car rebalancing and special control skills on special driving courses.

Keywords: motor racing sports, accident rate, safety, piloting errors.


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