Sprinter and middle distance runner training process control based on functional stat monitoring



PhD A.A. Vetrenko1
PhD S.V. Vetrenko1
1Tyumen State University, P.P. Ershov Ishim Pedagogical Institute (branch), Ishim

The article considers the orthoclinostatic test method to determine the functional reserve for athletes engaged in endurance running disciplines. The authors believe, this method of assessment of functional capabilities is quite informative and allows to adjust the volumes and intensity of training loads based on individual orthostasis and clinostasis coefficients. The coefficients used adequately reflect the athlete's readiness to compete in a particular period. They provide an opportunity to adjust the training process in the right direction, as well as to make forecasts about the upcoming performances of athletes in competitions in endurance running disciplines.

Keywords: endurance running disciplines, orthoclinostatic test, body's functional reserve.


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