Sport reserve training system in municipal districts



Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №3 2017, pp.83-85

UDC 796.075

PhD, Associate Professor E.N. Abramov1
PhD, Professor S.M. Obukhov2
PhD, Associate Professor V.A. Rodionov2
PhD, Associate Professor A.A. Peshkov2
PhD, Associate Professor S.N. Murtazin2
1Federal sports reserve training center, Moscow
2Surgut State University, Surgut

Success of the sport reserve training system reform in the Russian Federation on the whole will largely depend on how efficient is the local reform processes at the regional and municipal levels. Objective of the study was to analyse the frame versions of the sport reserve training system reform for the poorly populated rural municipal districts. At this juncture, four frame versions of the sport reserve training system reform for the poorly populated rural municipal districts may be offered to cater for the needs of these legally and communally specific entities. We believe that the sport reserve training system reform will be designed to protect the integrity of the existing Children and Youth Sport Schools (CYSC) network under control of the relevant different agencies and take due actions to further their integration within the national physical culture and sports sector. The reform will be geared to step up the role of the municipal-level CYSC in the sport reserve training system reform and at the same time retain and advance the efficiency of the mass sport movements and missions.

Keywords: sport school network, sport reserve training system reform, municipal districts.


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