Innovative theoretical and practical support to improve competitive success rates of highly skilled athletes



Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №3 2017, pp.76-78

UDC 796.092

Dr.Hab., Professor A.A. Novikov1
PhD, Associate Professor G.F. Vasilyev1
PhD, Associate Professor E.Y. Krupnik1
PhD S.V. Karaulov1
1All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Physical Culture and Sport, Moscow

The study offers an innovative theoretical and practical support (TPS) model that may be applied to improve the precompetitive training of highly-skilled athletes (HAS) for the top-ranking international events. The model was designed by the authors based on a systemic and integrated approach and practical long-term experience accumulated by the study team. The model includes, among other things, a three-element TPS system (competitive element, sport excellence element and bodily functionality element as the implementation factor). The system effectively factors in every element of influence on the competitive success. The system is implemented based on the key elements monitoring/ control i.e. the athlete’s progress is rated not only via discipline- or mastery-specific tests but on an integrated basis of the sport-discipline-specific competitive success model. We have developed a few TPS stands for elite sports to model the sport-specific competitive success management plans. This TPS concept was proved to secure efficient competitive success management process associated with health improvements – even more efficient than any kind of doping – and we recommend to invest saved resources to the theoretical and practical support (TPS) and three-element training system.

Keywords: athletes, martial artists, system, qualification, elements, mastery, control, process, rating, implementation, preparation, training.


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