Conflict management behavioural models of physical culture university students

Conflict management behavioural models of physical culture university students


Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №3 2017, pp.14-16

UDC 796.077.5

Associate Professor M.V. Popova
Churapcha State Institute of Physical Culture and Sport, Churapcha, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

The study was designed to test the variations of the students’ cooperative conflict management behavioural models versus their individual personality qualities, with 72 full-time students of Churapcha State Institute of Physical Culture and Sport (CSIPCS) being subject to the study. The study included analyses of the available psychological and pedagogical literature on the subject, fact-finding tests, qualitative and quantitative test data analyses, and mathematical statistical processing of the study data. The study data and findings demonstrated the need in a due priority being given to the students’ diligence and determination formed in the education process with a special focus on the potential job responsibilities in the core professional fields.

Keywords: professional competency, personality qualities, conflict-management behavioural models.


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