Effects of academic billiards mastering course on special health group students



Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №1 2017, pp. 86-88

UDC 796.011.3

Professor, PhD V.A. Vishnevskiy
Surgut State University, Surgut

Subject to the study were the special health group students engaged in academic billiards mastering course; and the study data and analyses found the course being beneficial as it helped: increase the general levels of neurohumoral regulation; step up the energy-metabolic level of the heart rhythm control; increase the share of students with balanced sympathetic and parasympathetic influences and normal regulation systems; decrease the activity rates of the left and right hemispheres and the total cerebral activity rate; and decrease the general mental/ emotional stress level. The male students also reported improvements in the activity and mood; and the proportion of the female students with the satisfactory adaptation and improved well-being was found to increase.

Keywords: special health group students, billiards, effects on body.


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