"Mioboost" system application to improve athletic motor skills



Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №1 2017, pp. 69-70

UDC 796.022

Associate Professor, PhD V.N. Shlyakhtov
Velikie Luki State Academy of Physical Culture and Sports, Velikie Luki

Efforts to improve the existing training simulator systems and design new equipment based on the new knowledge generated by the modern science and technology are considered among the key ways to improve the athletic motor skills. It is a common knowledge that efficiency of the training process using a training simulator may be increased by additional electric/ vibration etc. stimulation units for the trainee’s physicality stimulation prior to the exercises on the training simulator. With this purpose we have designed “MioBoost” Computerized System that includes the following units: dynamometric unit; electromyograph; video data analyzer; gas analyzer; cardiovascular system performance data registration unit; electric stimulator; electromagnetic stimulator; and vibration stimulator units. The performance stimulation units give the means to activate different segments of spinal cord, movement control zones of brain, peripheral nerves and skeletal muscles in the exercise performance process. All units of the Computerized System are interconnected that gives the means to track, on a real-time basis, the dynamic and kinematic performance parameters in every motor action. The Computerized System was applied to perform the experimental study that demonstrated its benefits for strength development in an athletic training process.

Keywords: computerized system, muscles, strength abilities, stimulating effects.


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