Securing university wrestlers' technical and tactical progress based on competitive performance quality profiling data

Securing university wrestlers' technical and tactical progress based on competitive performance quality profiling data


Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №1 2017, pp. 53-55

UDC 796.012.1

Associate Professor, PhD A.Y. Barkov
National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, Moscow

The study gives an overview of National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (NRMSUCE) picked freestyle wrestlers’ technical and tactical progress (TTP) rating methodology based on the competitive performance rating data and analyses of the NRMSUCE athletes versus those of the top-ranking competitors in the Moscow Student’s Sport Games (MSSG) for the period of 2013-15. The study data and analyses gave the means to offer the following practical recommendations to the university wrestlers:
- Focus on the holds and inside-distance wins, i.e. cut down the average fight time;
- Expand the range of attacking actions to step up the average individual score to 30-35 points;
- Excel the quality of holds and completed techniques to the best possible level.

Keywords: freestyle wrestling, tactical and technical skills, quantitative characteristics, comparative analysis, technical result.


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