Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №5 2016


E.F. Orekhov, E.V. Bykov – Modern aspects of Physical Education specialist training3
S.G. Serikov, G.N. Serikov – Health promoting role of physical education in university learning process6
A.A. Nayn, L.M. Gareeva – Formation of communication competences in Bachelors of Physical Education9
A.F. Popova, A.A. Popova – Psychophysiology of self-knowledge and personality development in physical culture
N.N. Romanova – Humor as a factor of development of reflexive abilities of would-be Physical Education teachers15
L.A. Lipskaya, E.F. Orekhov – Civil-patriotic education of sports university students18
A.Ya. Nayn, E.S. Borisenkova, V.V. Loginov – Improvement of bachelors' cognitive activity via translation theory
applied to conditioning exercises21
V.A. Anisimova, L.A. Dragovoz – Actualization of teaching initiative of physical education specialists24
O.L. Karpova, A.G. Siyutkin – Basic content of informational competency viewed as a vocational self-determinant
for Bachelor of Physical Education27
K.V. Kiuru, E.E. Popova – Students' media competency building in educational process of Physical Culture University30
O.P. Panfilov, V.V. Borisova, A.V. Titova, L.V. Rudneva, V.A. Dubrovin – Actualization of anthropological education
for specialists in physical education and sport in modern society33
E.V. Eliseev, E.G. Kokoreva, P.I. Kostenok – Diagnostics and assessment of functional systolic murmurs in athletes
aged 16-20 years influenced by mitral valve prolapse syndrome35
N.P. Petrushkina, O.I. Kolomietz, N.A. Simonova, V.A. Kolupaev – Role of morphofunctional status of adolescent
athletes in injury production38
E.S. Sabir'yanova, A.R. Sabir'yanov, E.S. Kharlamov – Cardiorespiratory performance and spine biomechanics
in children with fault in posture under mechanotherapy41
A.N. Popov, V.A. Redreev, V.G. Kamaletdinov – Theoretical basics and methods of management decision-making
in sport management system44
V.N. Zuev, P.G. Smirnov – Legal vector conversion into GTO complex to provide synergy of sectoral state ideology
of 1931-201546
sport psychology
A.V. Eganov, A.M. Kuz'min, S.S. Korovin, V.S. Bykov –Structural features of mental health of athletes engaged
in applied martial arts50
O.I. Kolomietz – Functional, mental and emotional balancing effects of synchronized and personified music
on university athletes53
E.S. Borisenkova, V.V. Loginov – Minimization of social deformations in teenagers via physical education 56
E.V. Bykov, O.I. Kolomietz – Modern information technologies to improve training process control methods59
V.N. Pritykin – Target modelling for variably directed bank shots in basketball62
«TRAINER» – journal in journal
A.A. Grushin, S.V. Nageykina – Elite female cross-country skiers' training for major international sport competitions
in mid-altitude areas66
A.G. Abalyan, E.B. Myakinchenko, A.S. Kryuchkov, M.M. Lebedev, T.G. Fomichenko, M.P. Shestakov – Scientific
and methodological support of elite Paralympic athletes' training management system70
V.P. Simen', G.L. Drandrov – Elite Kettlebell lifters' competitive success rates versus physical development and fitness indicators73
V.V. Shiyan, N.D. Altukhov, P.V. Potapovich – Means and methods of service biathlon in physical training of biathletes
and young servicemen76
A.G. Batalov, M.E. Burdina, A.A. Feshchenko – Competitive practices when training for Olympics and World Championships79
A.A. Povzun, V.V. Apokin, V.D. Povzun, N.R. Usaeva, O.N. Shimshieva – Mechanisms of urgent adaptation of cardiovascular
system in female athletes at latitudinal relocation83
N.I. Khokhlova, T.A. Rodermel, T.M. Mamkina – Competitive Wushu in context of willpower development in primary
L.I. Lubysheva, N.V. Peshkova – integration of sports club and Physical Education Department activities in context
of university sport development90
D.V. Sobolev, T.S. Soboleva, N.V. Tychinin – Women's success in sport and hyperandrogenism94
M.A. El'murzaev, I.A. Panchenko – Physical recreation phenomenon: research subject and domain area97
M.M. Kovylin, V.I. Stolyarov, Yu.I. Nedotsuk, A.Yu. Kazakov, A.A. Zalikhanova, I.S. Kondrat'ev – Velopumping
concept in theory and methodology of cycling sport100
S.P. Shilov, L.V. Vedernikova, S.V. Pakhotina, A.G. Polivaev, I.K. Tsalikova – Motivation to study non-core disciplines
of future specialists in physical culture and sport103