Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №2 2015


V.P. Suschenko, A.A. Napreenko – 105th Anniversary of University Sport in Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University 3
on the way to the 90th anniversary of «TiPFK»
S.A. Pronin – Rebirth of the Journal «Teoriya i Praktika Fizicheskoy Kul'tury» (1937–1941)6
Physical education of students
M.A. Akopova, N.V. Popova – Organizational and Pedagogical Conditions
of Formation of Health Culture among Humanities Students8
O.G. Rumba – System of Pedagogical Regulation of Motor Activity of Students of Special Medical Groups11
V.A. Schegolev, O.V. Novosel'tsev – Professional Development of Management Entities
of Physical Education of Students Using Interactive Technologies15
I.K. Yaitchnikov, A.A. Efimov, I.L. Bondarchuk – Priorities of Recreational Lifestyle of Modern Student18
L.A. Yasyukova, A.M. Aleksankov, O.E. Piskun – The Effect of Physical Education Classes
on Adaptation of Technical University Students21
T.V. Bushma, L.M. Volkova, E.G. Zuikova – Organization and Content of Independent Work of Students Specializing in Aerobics24
S.V. Ryl'sky, A.A. Gorelov, S.S. Bondin – On Unification of Training Process of Students Engaged in Cross-Country Hiking27
Vocational training
O.E. Piskun, V.A. Chistyakov – Evolution of State Educational Standard
of Higher Professional Education on Physical Culture in Modern Russia29
M.V. Lopatin, O.G. Rumba – Social Diagnostics of Knowledge Types Determining Humanitarian Aspect
of Expert Training in Physical Culture and Sport31
V.I. Grigor'ev, O.E. Piskun, V.M. Ivanov – Perspectives of Development of Sport Science in Russian Universities34
G.F. Zhovan, O.G. Rumba – On Advanced Training of Physical Education Teachers Busy in Special Training Department37
theory of sports training
V.V. Bakaev, A.E. Bolotin, V.S. Vasil'eva – Factors Determining Sports Specialization of Cross-Country Skiers40
L.A. Karpenko, J.R. Nigmatulina – Mass Sports Sectors in Development of Modern Rhythmic Gymnastics42
A.E. Bolotin, V.V. Bakaev – Indicators of Competitive Readiness of Archers45
Reader's Contemplations, discussions and suggestions
S.N. Nikitin, M.V. Lopatin, N.F. Nosov – Kinesiology: Retrospective View and Perspectives47
A.A. Gorelov, S.A. Gorelov, L.A. Grigorovich – Awareness through Movement as a Determinant
of Self-Development of an Individual50
V.M. Voronov, A.A. Gorelov, V.P. Suschenko, A.P. Khlopetsky – On Psychomotor
and Moral and Spiritual Determinants of Sports Qualification for Mixed Martial Arts54
Sports medicine
O.V. Danilenko, L.P. Churilov, S.A. Varzin, K.J. van Zwieten – Characteristics
of Bone Tissue Metabolism in Young Athletes with Connective Tissue Dysplasia57
mass Physical Culture
O.N. Stepanova, N.N. Vengerova, S.N. Pogodin – Conceptual Approach
and Pedagogical Design Algorithm of Health and Fitness Classes60
S.S. Filippov, V.O. Piskun – Management of Domiciliary Physical Culture and Sport63
«TRAINER» – journal in journal
A.V. Bykov – Modern Trends in Finish of Offensive Actions in Men's Floorball66
M.O. Aksenov, V.A. Damdintsurunov, V.S. P'yannikov – Correlation of Adaptation Rate
of Athletes and Intensity of Training Load within Mesocycle (Case Study of Powerlifting)70
A.G. Polozkov – Step Characteristics of Olga Kaniskina - World Race Walking Champion 201173
O.M. Mirzoev, O.A. Mukhin – Exercise Equipment to Train and Improve Technical Skills in Sprint76
T.V. Bryukhovskikh, D.A. Shubin, V.V. Ponomarev – Ensuring of Shooting Efficiency in Student-Biathletes79
V.V. Apokin, A.A. Povzun, V.D. Povzun, O.A. Fyntyne, N.N. Sidorova – Specifics of Time Perception by Junior Athletes
of Middle Ob Region at Latitudinal Displacement83
B.P. Yakovlev, L.A. Kovalenko, N.R. Usaeva, G.D. Babushkin – Athlete's Mental Activity: Ways of Formation86
S.I. Loginov, A.A. Egorov, V.A. Ermakov – Data Mining System: «Judo Sport School» Module90
V.G. Nikitushkin, G.N. Germanov, A.N. Korol'kov – Hirsh Index of Moscow University Teachers
in Comparative Assessment of Research Productivity in Sport-Related Higher Educational Institutions of Russia94
I.E. Koval', L.V. Yarchikovskaya, O.V. Oshina – Use of Combined Approach in Health Program Design Technology98
M.V. Lapshina, O.S. Shubina, S.P. Golyshenkov, N.A. Mel'nikova – Role of Red Blood Cells
in Adaptive Changes in Fibrinolytic System of Young Men at One-Time Muscle Load101