Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №11 2014


Yu.D. Yakubov – Volga Region State Academy of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism: 40 Years is Just the Beginning 3
A.L. Pokhachevsky, N.V. Ankudinov, V.Yu. Shabanov – Examination of Heart Rate during Recovery Period of Stress Test 6
V.M. Senchenko, A.S. Gusev, I.A. Filina, R.M. Gorodnichev – Peculiarities of Electrical Activity
of Muscles when Roller Skiing in Different Ways 9
T.G. Petrova, N.N. Khasanova, S.S. Grechishkina, A.A. Agirov – Analysis of the Influence of Sports Classes within Section
on Functional State of Nervous System of Students 12
A.R. Meretukova, A.V. Shakhanova, E.V. Kal'naya, O.F. Ryukhina – The Effect of Regular Game Sports Classes
on Neurophysiological Status of Female Students 15
S.S. Grechishkina, A.V. Shakhanova, M.N. Silant'ev, A.A. Kuz'min – The Effect of Sports Loads
on Cardiorespiratory System of Student’s Body 18
A.V. Shakhanova, A.A. Kuz'min, Yu.Yu. Dautov, T.G. Petrova – The Influence of Sports Loads on Functional State and Regulatory Adaptabilities of Cardiovascular System of Young Basketball Players in View of Somatotypological Characteristics 21
K.D. Chermit, A.V. Shakhanova, A.G. Zabolotniy – Sports Lateral Stress (Scientific Hypothesis) 24
A.A. Guchetl', K.D. Chermit, A.B. Bguashev – Formation of Virtual Situational Afferentation at the Age
of Five Years in Context of Narrowing Space of Sight During Catching a Falling Object 27
A.N. Zakharova, G.S. Lalaeva, L.V. Kapilevich – Specifics of Sensorimotor Processes in Athletes in View of Specialization 30
E.M. Larina – Psychoemotional Adaptability of First-Year Students of Urban and Rural Population to University Education 33
M.M. Kovylin, A.A. Peredel'sky – Mind-Body Diagnosis and Technical and Tactical Analysis as a Control Mechanism
of Experimental Educational Programming in Cycling (BMX) 36
N.Kh Khakunov, R.A. Akhtaov, R.D. Dyshechev – Conceptions of Workers of Sphere
of Physical Culture and Sport on Criteria of Their Competitiveness 39
D.A. Mikhaylova, A.G. Levitsky, G.V. Rudenko – Ways of Acculturation t
o Physical Culture Depending on Level of Organization of Physical Activity in Free Time 42
S.A. Khazova, F.K. Tuguz, N.V. Koryagina – Development of Competitiveness of Students under Conditions of Health Saving Educational Environment of University as Research Problem of Theory of Physical Culture 46
Alexandru Mircea Chirtoaca – Religious and Political Grounds
of Agonal Sports Tradition and Their Effect on Theory and Methodology of Sports Education 49
V.G. Shil'ko, T.A. Shil'ko, N.L. Guseva – Educational Technologies in Physical Culture and Sports Activity of Students  52
L.Sh. Bedanokova, A.V. Shakhanova, A.G. Zabolotniy, Sh.D. Bedanokov – Specifics of Interrelation of Indices of Cognitive
Induced Potentials in Students with Different Modes of Motor Activity 54
A.V. Pegova, L.P. Gribkova, V.A. Pegov – Motor Experience of Students of Institute of Physical Culture in Context of
Characteristics of Modern Young Generation 56
D.V. Muzhenya, A.R. Tuguz, A.S. Doroshenko, K.A. Rudenko – Physical Working Capacity
of Qualified Athletes of Adyghe Republic: Association with Val222/222Ala Polymorphisms in MTHFR Gene 59
A.A. Zakharov – Dependence of Strength, Muscular Endurance
of Grip of Professional Mass Wrestlers on Hand and Forearm Anthropometric Characteristics 62
«TRAINER» – journal in journal
N. Vitkevich – Is It Possible to Create Perfect Strength Sport? 66
A.G. Polozkov, G.A. Polozkov – Correlation of Sports Result at Distances of Classic Men’s Allround Speed Skiing 69
V.N. Shelepen', L.D. Khoda – Functional and Dynamic Factors of Success of Competitive Performance of Elite Football Players 72
I.G. Gibadullin, A.R. Imangulov, V.S. Kozhevnikov – Automated System for Planning
of Training Process in Armwrestling in View of Bioenergetic Body Types of Athletes 77
V.A. Vishnevsky, A.A. Monastyrev, K.A. Karimov – Interdependence of Body Oxygen Regimes Characteristics
and Technical and Tactical Actions in Taekwondo 83
N.R. Usaeva, V.V. Apokin, B.P. Yakovlev – Development of Emotional Stability
to Mental Load in Student-Athletes with Hearing Impairment during University Studies 87
M.A. Rodionova, M.V. Shutova, V.A. Rodionov – The Influence of Physical Education Classes in University
on Quality of Life Related to Health in Students of Middle Ob Region 90