Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №9 2014


jubilee of our colleagues
A.A. Obvintsev – 105 Years on Guard of the Homeland!3
A.A. Gorelov, A.A. Obvintsev, V.L. Kondakov – Design and Functioning of Health and Fitness Technologies
in Educational Environment of Military Educational Institution10
S.M. Ashkinazi – Pedagogical Conditions, Rules and Factors of Effective Teaching Hand-To-Hand Fight14
PHYSICAL training of military men
V.L. Pashuta, A.S. Nikol'skaya – Application Features of Olympic Principles during Physical Training
of Servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation19
B.V. Endal'tsev, S.A. Malashenko – Enhancement of Adaptabilities as a Main Direction of Physical Training
of Military Specialists22
S.A. Trapeznikov, A.V. Gurvich – Current State of Physical Fitness of University Graduates of the Russian Federation with Regard to Military Safety of the Country25
V.P. Sorokin, A.M. Androsov – Physical Qualities as a Basis of Professional Readiness of Servicemen28
V.V. Mironov – Physical Training - Applied Aspect of Physical Education, Sport Training, Recreational
and Adaptive Physical Culture31
G.G. Dmitriev, V.A. Islamov – Adaptation Formation in Military Airborne Troops
to Survive in Extreme Conditions35
I.A. Kuznetsov – Physical Condition of Servicemen and the Role of Physical Exercises for Its Improvement38
E.N. Kur'yanovich, A.I. Kravtsov, E.D. Martsinkevich – Problems of Monitoring of Health and Functional
Status of Cadets of Military Institute of Physical Culture41
T.I. Vikhruk, V.V. Arzhakov, L.G. Shageeva – Medico-Biological Substantiation of Differentiated Approach
to Organization of Physical Training Classes for Cadets45
A.L. Starovoytov, A.N. Kisly, K.S. Smaznov – Technology of Phased Maintenance of Flexibility in Officers
of Senior Age Groups of Military Educational Institutions48
D.V. Chernov, A.A. Borisov – Analysis of Development of Physical Training in Airborne Troops, Basic
Directions of Their Improvement51
V.A. Schyogolev – Physical Training in US Military Educational Systems55
A.V. Gusev, A.S. Ivanov – Experimental Verification of Swimming Training Program
for Children in the Basic Training Phase60
R.M. Baymukhametov, V.I. Muminov, E.S. Sotnikov – Injury Problems in Kettlebell Sport63
«TRAINER» – journal in journal
L.D. Nazarenko – Enhancement of the System of Sports Training
on the Basis of Development of Athlete's Intellectual Capabilities66
A.I. Kondrukh – Practical shooting as a Sport: Retrospective and Problem Analysis70
O.V. Kalabin, A.P. Spitsin – Stress Reactivity of Central Hemodynamics in Athletes Engaged in Powerlifting74
A.M. Yakupov, M.Yu. Stepanov – Methodology of Formation of Strike Action in Boxing77
V.A. Vishnevsky, A.A. Monastyrev, K.A. Mironova – Mechanisms of Reactions to "Cold" Test at Rest
and after Various Physical Loads83
Yu.A. Vetoshnikov, A.S. Snigirev, S.I. Loginov – Dynamics of Week Physical Activity in Sampling of Senior Residents of Surgut According to Accelerometric Data86
O.G. Litovchenko, V.V. Apokin, A.A. Semenova, O.L. Nifontova – The State of Cardiovascular System
of Student-Athletes of Middle Ob Region90
N.A. Fudin, S.Ya. Klassina, Yu.E. Vagin – Rhythmic Thermal Exposures as a Non-Drug Method
of Rehabilitation of Functional Status of Athletes after Strenuous Physical Load94
Yu.G. Kalinnikova, E.S. Inozemtseva, L.V. Kapilevich – The Effect of Different Rhythm
and Tempo of Aerobics Classes on Psychophysiological and Electroneuromyographic Characteristics98
L.A. Parfenova, I.N. Timoshina, G.B. Glazkova – Participation of Persons with Health Disabilities
in Implementation of All-Russian Physical Culture and Sport Complex
"Ready for Labour and Defence of the USSR"101