Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №8 2014


university presentation
V.V. Kadakin – Mordovian State Pedagogical Institute as a Leader
of Development of Physical Culture and Sport in the Region3
V.V. Miroshkin, A.V. Kokurin – The History of the Faculty of Physical Culture of Mordovian State Pedagogical Institute 6
T.I. Shukshina, P.V. Zamkin, V.V. Miroshkin – To Sports Victories via Researches:
from Experience of Scientific Research of Faculty of Physical Culture of Mordovian Pedagogical Institute 9
A.V. Kokurin, L.G. Maydokina – The Problem of Development of Psychological Competency
in the System of Training Athletes of Various Qualifications12
S.N. Gorshenina, A.G. Mironov – Diagnostics of Readiness of Basketball Players of Student Teams for Group Interaction16
L.G. Maydokina, O.V. Kudashkina – Development of Self-Regulation of Athlete
in the System of His Psychological Training18
V.V. Akamov, T.I. Shukshina – Diagnostics of Development of Level of Development of Value Basics of Professional
Self-Consciousness of Students of Faculty of Physical Culture22
P.S. Borodulin, M.V. Dubova – Formation of Competence of Social Interaction in Future Physical Education Teacher26
S.I. Belykh – Motivation of Future Physical Education Teachers to Individual Sports Activity29
Children's sport
T.V. Tat'yanina, O.I. Chudaeva – Peculiarities of Adaptive Changes in Cardiorespiratory System
of Teenagers during Sports and Fitness Activity34
V.V. Dugina, E.A. Yakimova – Organization of Physical training Classes
of Skiers-Biathletes in Sports Class of Comprehensive School37
A.G. Demidov, V.Yu. Lebedinsky, G.K. Khomyakov – Technical and Tactical Training
of Students-Boxers at the Initial Training Phase40
Marcin Pasek, Monika Michalowska-Sawczyn, Alicja Nowak-Zaleska, Artur Ziolkowski, Wojciech Saklak – School Attendance and Its Connections with Other Components of Attitudes towards Physical Culture and Chosen Biological
and Social Elements in Progress of Outdoor and Indoor Lessons of Physical Education44
V.I. Pavlova, D.A. Saraykin, M.S. Terzi, Yu.G. Kamskova – The Influence of Training Year Macrocycle on the State
of Erythron Peripheral Component in Young Taekwondokas49
physiology of sport
A.M. Gadzhiev, S.A. Aliev, S.E. Agaeva – The Role of Endogenous and Exogenous Antioxidants
in Adaptive Muscular Work53
recreational physical culture
S.S. Krivosheev, E.V. Kuz'micheva – Organizational and Methodological Aspects
of Individual Boxing Classes of Middle Aged Men in Fitness Club58
E.S. Sadovnikov, V.N. Gulyaikhin – Ontology of Healthy Way of Life:
Principles and Peculiarities of Mental Activity in the Context of Self-Care61
«TRAINER» – journal in journal
B.A. Dyshko – Biomechanical Characteristics of Motion: Where and How You Can Use "Gradient Force"?66
V.M. Barshay, M.V. Belavkina, O.V. Kolomeychuk – Development of Special Physical Fitness of Elite Sambo
Wrestlers on the Basis of Interval Hypoxic Training70
I.Kh. Vakhitov, A.R. Mad'yarov, S.S. Chinkin – The Specifics of Adaptation of Athletes to Midland Conditions74
Lu Chi – The Peculiarities of Competitive Activity of Female Elite Football Players77
A.N. Savel'eva – Sports Education of Rowers within Classes in University Sports Club79
B.P. Yakovlev, G.D. Babushkin, N.S. Niyasova – Model of Satisfaction of Social Needs in Sports Activity83
M.N. Mal'kov, O.V. Bulgakov, V.V. Apokin, S.I. Loginov – The Influence of Regular Physical Exercises on State
of Health and Physical Fitness of Senior Men and Women within Yugra North86
A.A. Povzun, V.D. Povzun, V.V. Apokin, O.A. Fyntyne – Nonspecific Adaptability and Its Features
in Students of Sports Faculty in Conditions of Zone Time Offset91
A.A. Peredel'sky, A.G. Alekseev, Yu.A. Tsegel'ny – The Phenomenon of Sports Culture
in the Aspect of Philosophic and Sociological Analyses94
L.I. Lubysheva – Interpretation of Olympism in Basic Senses of Sports Culture97
L.D. Nazarenko, E.A. Anisimova – Olympic Ideas as a Basis for Development of Sports Culture100
V.I. Grigor'ev, V.A. Plotnikov – Public-Private Partnership in Development of Physical Culture and Sport102