Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №7 2014


V.P. Suschenko – 115th Anniversary of Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University!3
O.E. Piskun – Organization of Physical Education within Foreign Students6
Yu.F. Kuramshin, R.M. Gadel'shin – Complex "Ready for Labour and Defence" in System of Physical Education
of Students: History of Establishment and Development9
N.N. Petrova, A.E. Kutuzova, Yu.A. Bazhenov – Level of Physical Activity and Specifics of Coping Behavior of Students13
A.E. Bolotin, V.A. Schegolev, V.V. Bakaev – Educational Technology of Use of Means
of Physical Culture to Adapt for Future Professional Work16
S.A. Varzin, O.E. Piskun, N.N. Petrova – Comparative Assessment
of Personality-Mental Characteristics and Mental State of Undergraduates20
O.G. Rumba, A.A. Gorelov, M.V. Kuleshova – The Features of Value Orientations and Attitudes to Actions in Conflict Situations of Students Assigned to Different Medical Groups for Physical Education Classes 23
M.V. Lopatin, V.P. Suschenko – Formation of Culture
of Physical Development and Sports Occupations among Young Students in SPBSPU27
I.K. Yaichnikov, V.P. Suschenko – Engineering in Correction of Physical Development of Young Students30
V.Yu. Volkov, L.M. Volkova, N.G. Lutchenko – E-Book on the Discipline "Physical Education"33
I.R. Trostinskaya, V.I. Grigor'ev – Strategy of Development of Physical Culture
of Students within Cross-Cultural Integration of Universities 37
S.V. Borodachev, N.V. Lutkova, Yu.M. Makarov, K.S. Solomenina – Enhancement of Attacking Actions
of Qualified Volleyball Players Based on the Use of Psychoregulatory Techniques 41
V.A. Dolgopolov, L.A. Yasyukova – The Role of Ethnic Factor in Adaptation of Students in Saint Petersburg45
SPORTS management
V.I. Grigor’ev, V.O. Piskun – Creative Couching in Intellectual Capitalization of Elite Sport48
S.S. Filippov, O.E. Piskun – Organizational-Legal Support of Activity of Sports Clubs of Educational Establishments52
SPORTS medicine
L.P. Churilov, Yu.I. Stroev, S.A. Varzin – Connective Tissue Dysplasia
in Context of Sport Trainings, Exercise Therapy and Sports Healthcare56
vocational training
T.Yu. Boykova, V.A. Dolgopolov – Expert Training in the Field
of Physical Culture and Sport in View of Foreign Experience 59
A.A. Gorelov, R.M. Gadel'shin, S.N. Nikitin – On the Content and Trends of Modern Physical Education62
«TRAINER» – journal in journal
V.I. Zagrevsky, O.I. Zagrevsky – Computer Program to Make Computing Models
of Motion Analysis of Biomechanical Systems66
A.I. Zav'yalov, A.A. Grishin, A.V. Kolyada – Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment
of Hitting Actions in Modern Professional Kickboxing "K-1"69
L.E. Nakonechnaya, E.V. Romanina – Personality and Psychomotor Characteristics of Roles in Women's Futsal72
M.M. Polevschikov, A.M. Shraga, V.E. Afon'shin, V.V. Rozhentsov – Fatigue Assessment
at Physical Education and Sports Classes75
T.A. Danilenko – Social Need for Elite Athletes who Have Finished Their Sports Career79
L.A. Kovalenko, B.P. Yakovlev, A.I. Kovalenko – Integrated Assessment
of Professional Competency of Teachers-Trainers of Children's Sport School 83
L.I. Lubysheva, R.A. Abramov – Innovative Model of Olympic Education
of Primary Schoolchildren Based on Information Communication Technologies87
V.A. Vishnevsky, N. Kaleda, A. Pavlov, Kh. Khanmurzaeva – Inclusive Education of Mentally Retarded
and Handicapped Pupils Based on the Use of Psychophysiological Passport90
O.M. Shelkov, K.G. Korotkov – On-Line Object-Centered Relational Database "Anti-Doping Sport"94
A.V. Chesnokov, D.A. Kozemov, A.V. Kozemov – Enhancement of Students' Sports Activity via Its Technologization97
V.F. Kostyuchenko, S.S. Kozlov, G.V. Rudenko – Comparative Analysis
of the Use of Individualized Motor Loads in Fitness Classes with Middle Aged Women103