Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №6 2014


E.G. Shporin, V.Yu. Lebedinskiy, M.M. Kolokol'tsev – To the 65th Anniversary
of Physical Education Department of National Research Irkutsk Technical University3
PHYSICAL education of students
E.A. Vlasov, V.Yu. Lebedinskiy, M.M. Kolokol'tsev – Organization of Educational Process on the Discipline "Physical Education"
Using Modern Methods of HR Monitoring in University Students7
V.I. Grigor'ev, Yu.K. Shubin, I.A. Panchenko, N.A. Zinov'ev – Management of Physical Training
of Students Based on the Use of Score Rating Control10
A.V. Zaytsev – The Effect of Boxing Classes on Personal Adaptive Potential of Technical University Students13
V.A. Boldin, V.G. Shil'ko – General and Applied Professional Physical Training of Students of Military Training Center (MTC) at TSU15
M.M. Kolokol'tsev, R.A. Ambartsumyan, E.A. Vlasov – Efficiency of Extended Motor Mode
in Physical Education of Female Foreign Students18
N.P. Schemenok, A.N. Legeyda, V.N. Seluyanov – Features of Physiology of Exercises for Local Muscle Groups
and Effectiveness of Their Use in Fitness Training21
S.A. Eremin, V.V. Volkov, V.N. Seluyanov – Test of Physical Working Capacity in Crossfit24
G.P. Vinogradov, N.A. Murzakhanov, V.A. Dorofeev – Founders of St. Petersburg Scientific Pedagogical School of Athleticism27
A.A. Perevoznikov – Sport and Moral Values: from Experience of Moscow Sports Organizations of Late XIX - Early XX Centuries30
sports law
I.V. Ponkin, O.A. Shevchenko – On Development of Legal Doctrine in the Field of Sport32
L.Yu. Levandovskaya, Kr. Prusik – Improvement of Functional Status of Cardiovascular System of Schoolchildren35
A. Jurczak, T. Ambrozy, D. Mucha, E. Dybinska, K. Kucia-Czyszczon – Attitude to Physical Culture and Level
of Physical Activity in Leisure Time in Youth of Krakow38
physiology of sport
E.G. Mokeeva, Yu.V. Yakovlev – Mechanisms of Formation of Immune System Disorders in Elite Athletes (Case Study of Biathlon)43
E.Yu. Dyakova, A.N. Zakharova – Physiological Characteristics of Adaptation at Multimodal Approach
in Organization of Physical Education Process46
M.A. El'murzaev – Sports Show as a Part of Physical Recreation49
psychology of sport
K.K. Markov, V.Yu. Lebedinsky – Formation of Psychomotor Qualities in Modern Sport: Theoretical and Methodological Problems52
M.A. Korneva, A.S. Makhov, O.N. Stepanova – The Peculiarities of Motivation of Handicapped Athletes with Spinal Cord Injuries
to Participation in Russian Press Work-Out Sessions55
M.A. Kuz’min – Personality Professional Adaptation in Sport59
management in sport
A.A. Popova – Culture of Corporate Organization and Logistization of Physical Training and Sports Activity62
«TRAINER» – journal in journal
G.V. Rudenko, O.V. Kostromin, G.I. Mokeev, K.V. Shestakov – Training of Qualified  Kickboxers within Year Macrocycle66
G.I. Mokeev, G.V. Rudenko, O.V. Kostromin, A.V. Zaytsev – Search for Regularities of Pre-Season Training of Athlete69
A.M. Trofimov, A.I. Prokof’ev – Physical Endurance and Its Specific Differentiation73
M.V. Gerasimov – Technical-Tactical Fitness Indices of Elite Kickboxers in "Point Fighting" Division77
V.D. Povzun, A.A. Povzun, V.V. Apokin, O.V. Bulgakova – Comparative Analysis of Gender Specifics of Changes in Creativity
of Sports Faculty Students within University Educational Environment83
O.N. Shimshieva, S.I. Loginov – The Effect of Physical Load on Heart Rate Variability Parameters
of Young Men at Latitudinal Relocation87
B.P. Yakovlev, N.R. Usaeva – Change in Structure of Motivational Sphere at Initial Phase of Adaptation to Post-Sports Activity91
S.M. Ashkinazi, E.A. Bavykin – Improvement of System of Special Physical Training of Athletes of Complex (Mixed) Martial Arts94
Yu.A. Popov – Tactical Training of Olympic Champions in Middle and Long Distance Running99
V.V. Ponomarev, E.R. Ustyugov, A.V. Tret'yakov – System Approach in Formation of Olympic Traditions among Students
in Technical University103