Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №5 2014


E.V. Starkova – The State and Forecast of Development
of University Activity on Organization of Studies and Leisure via Physical Culture and Sport3
T.A. Polyakova – Syndrome of Professional Burnout in Trainer's Activity9
vocational training
A.M. Tikhonov, I.P. Golyakov – Major Approaches
to Teaching Physical Education at School in Compliance with Federal State Educational Standard13
A.E. Zubkov – Correlation of Style Features
of Pedagogical Activity and Individual Characteristics of Physical Education Teacher16
A.S. Busyreva, I.P. Golyakov, S.P. Baygulova – Content and Organization of Practical Training on the Faculty
of Physical Culture of Pedagogical University19
adaptive sport
T.V. Abyzova, A.A. Akatova, A.N. Legotkin – Rhythmic Gymnastics
as a Way to Improve Coordinating Abilities of Hearing-Impaired Children22
T.A. Fedorova – Optimization of the Process of Teaching Sports Orienteering Technique to Hearing Impaired Children25
A.A. Antonov, A.S. Makhov – Factor Structure of Requirements
of Hearing-Impaired People to Organization of Rink-Bandy (Mini Hockey) Classes28
Kazimierz Kochanowicz, Andrzej Kochanowicz – Somatic Characteristics
of Young Gymnasts in the System of Special Sports Training31
sports law
I.V. Ponkin, A.A. Solov’ev, A.I. Ponkina – First Sport-Related Acts in Foreign States35
applied vocational physical culture
A.A. Popkov, D.A. Ul'yanov – Physical Education and Sports Work
of Applied Military Orientation of Young Students in the Volgograd Region39
T.A. Martirosovа, L.N. Yatskovskaya – Improvement of Applied Professional Physical Training of Bachelors
of Engineering in Technical University (Profile "Forest Science")43
O.O. Volosatykh, A.M. Tikhonov – Motor Skills of Primary Schoolchildren in New Educational Conditions48
V.A. Smirnov, A.M. Tikhonov – Mastering Running Technique by Football Players
of Specialized Children's Sport School of Olympic Reserve50
Lee Eun Ok, O.V. Kozyreva, Lee Kwon Ho – The Content of Physical Rehabilitation Program
for Middle Aged Women with Arterial Hypertension and Obesity52
pedagogical control in sport
V.I. Vinogradova – The Dependence of Weight Training of Figure Skater's Hands and Increase of Multi-Turn Jumps56
A.M. Gafarov, A.S. Gatamov – Application Methodology of Various Methods
of Measurement when Estimating Indices of World-Class Athletes60
«TRAINER» – journal in journal
L.I. Kostyunina, M.O. Markin – Development of Analytical Skills of Athletes during Training-Competitive Activity66
V.L. Krasil'nikov, V.V. Erlikh, E.V. Mirgorodskaya – New Approaches to Interpretation
of Information Space in Sports Training of Swimmers on the Basis of Integration of Instrumental Technologies71
I.D. Svischev, A.V. Ponkratov – Transformation of Attacking Actions in Hand-to-Hand Fight76
K.V. Yugay – Strength Abilities Providing Hold Efficiency of Judokas of Different Categories79
O.N. Shimshieva, A.S. Snigirev, S.I. Loginov, Yu.S. Efimova – Bioinformation Analysis of Influence of Physical Load on Parameters of Cardiovascular System of Athletes at Latitude Displacement83
O.G. Litovchenko, M.S. Ishbulatova – The Peculiarities of Lifestyle of Primary Schoolchildren of Surgut86
V.A. Vishnevsky, K.A. Mironova, K.A. Karimov – Indices of Educational Activity and Psychophysiological Features
of Schoolchildren in View of Static and Chaotic Approaches88
A.V. Grigorov – Healthy Nation - Priority of State Policy of Republic of Belarus 94
O.S. Kogan – Comparative Analysis of Psychosocial Factors of Professional Activity of Athletes and Trainers97
L.M. Kulikova, L.M. Kulikov – Formation of Professional Competency of Future Specialist in the Sphere of Physical
Culture and Sport within Practical Training101