Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №4 2014


anniversary of our colleagues
P.S. Gorulev – Bashkir Institute of Physical Culture as a Center of Scientific
and Educational Activities in the Sphere of Adaptive Physical Culture and Sport3
R.R. Makhmutova, L.A. Bordukova, A.A. Strokin, E.R. Rumyantseva, L.R. Makina – Sports Training
of Elite Swimmers with Spinal Cord Injuries 5
Olympic and Universiade heritage
O.I. Pavlova, G.N. Golubeva, T.G. Kirillova – Social and Material Heritage
of Hosting International Sports Games in the Russian Federation8
F.R. Zotova – Attitude of Regional Residents and Guests of Universiade-2013
to Organization and Hosting of Megaevent15
Z.M. Kuznetsova, A.I. Morozov – Formation of Environmental Heritage of Winter Olympic Games18
Ch.Ch. Van – Comparative Analysis of Results of National Teams of Host Countries
of Olympic Games in Late ХХ – Early ХХI Centuries21
Yu.M. Nikolaev, M.A. Safronova – Theory of Physical Culture:
Fundamental Trends of Formation and Development26
Theory of sports training
V.P. Guba, A.V. Antipov, V.V. Marinich – Integral Approach in Integrated Control
of Functional Status of Young Football Players30
V. P. Simen’, G. L. Drandrov – The Modern Tendencies of Improvement of Kettlebell Lifting Technique36
E.S. Sadovnikov – Metjodoplogical Bases of Formation of Healthy Way of Life43
M.V. Osychenko, V.S. Skripkin – Possibility of Correction of Indices of Physical Fitness and Physical Working Capacity of Physical Education Teachers Associated with Introducing Laminaria into Diet47
I.V. Sukhanova, S.I. Vdovenko, A.L. Maksimov – Specific Features of Morphofunctional State
in Young Men of Magadan Region in View of Motor Mode51
R.R. Khadiullina, M.I. Galyautdinov – Conceptual Foundation
of Distance Learning in the Institutes of Higher Physical Education57
Juliusz Piwowarski, Wojciech Czajkowski, Dorota Ambrozy, Ztefan Kocan  – Safety Danger:
Personality and Behavioral Determinants in Context of Formation of Actions of Future Employee
of Security Agencies61
«TRAINER» – journal in Journal
V.Ya. Ignat'eva, R.R. Minabutdinov – Test Tasks to Control Physical Fitness of Elite Handball Players66
I.S. Kolesnik – The Role of Afferent Synthesis in Formation
of Technical-Tactical Fitness of Boxers of Mass Grades70
E.A. Anisimova, L.D. Nazarenko – Enhancement of Motivational Sphere as a Factor
of Sports Skills of Female Sprinters74
I.N. Buchatskaya – The Influence of Competitive Loads on Functional Status of Archers' CNS77
B.P. Yakovlev, D.S. Ushakova, N.R. Usaeva – Studies of the Effect of Complex of Methods
of Psychocorrection of Rehabilitation Processes of Racing Skiers Aged 14-16 Years
in Specific Conditions of Competitive Training Period83
D.A. Khodosova, S.I. Loginov – The Peculiarities of Formation of University Students' Readiness
for Self-Development Based on the Transtheoretical Model of Behavioral Change88
N.D. Ovchinnikov, Yu.A. Matveev, V.I. Egozina, D.N. Ovchinnikov – Conceptual Model of Sport
and Training Loads Regulation94
V.A. Sal'nikov, E.M. Revenko – Age Factor In Structure of Individual Development98