Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №3 2014


university presentation
V.A. Rodionov – History is Unwritten Yet3
V.G. Nikitushkin – Research and Methodological Work
of Teacher Training Institute of Physical Culture and Sport of MSTTU5
G.N. Germanov – New Directions of Master's Training
in Teacher Training Institute of Physical Culture and Sport of MSTTU7
S.M. Chechelnitskaya – E-Learning and Distance Learning
in Teacher Training Institute of Physical Culture and Sport of MSTTU9
vocational training
S.P. Evseev, V.A. Taymazov, N.G. Zakrevskaya, S.S. Filippov – Research and Educational School
as a Type of Integration of Teaching and Research Activity in Higher Education in the Field
of Physical Culture11
sport physiology
N.I. Abzalov, R.A. Abzalov, R.R. Abzalov – Mobility of Heart Pumping Function at Different Motor Modes17
adaptive physical culture
V.N. Vilyansky, S.A. Chernigovskaya – Technology of Nonprofessional Education in the Field
of Physical Culture of Students Exempted from Practical Physical Education Classes20
V.V. Vinogradov – Method of Estimation of Efficiency
of Social Adaptation and Rehabilitation of Handicapped with Spinal Cord Injuries26
N. Mikhailova, I. Grigus, Krzysztof Prusik, Katarzyna Prusik – Enhancement
of Functional State of Children with Congenital Clubfoot via Physical Rehabilitation30
sport and politics
A.V. Grigorov – Main Ways of Implementation of State Policy
of Republic of Belarus in Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism33
A.V. Chernov – Physical Culture and Sport in Political Life of Modern Russia36
L.V. Surkova – Russian State Policy in the Sphere of Remedial Gymnastics40
A.S. Gatamov – Some Aspects of Using Statistical Methods to Estimate Indices of World-Class Athletes45
D.S. Timoshenko, N.S. Shishova – Doping as a Social Problem49
N.N. Bumarskova – Yachtsman's Sleep Deprivation54
fitness training
S.A. Golovanov – Complex Health Correction
of Men with Obesity in Conditions of Aerobic Physical Loadings57
A.N. Legeyda, N.N. Schemenok, V.N. Seluyanov – Aerobic Exercises
of Various Intensity and Their Effect on Cardiovascular Indices62
«ТРЕНЕР» – журнал в журнале
I.A. Sabirova, G.N. Germanov – Formation of Rational Ready Position
of Shooter Using Means of Immediate Information66
A.V. Sysoev, I.E. Popova – Neuromuscular Apparatus
of Female Basketball Players in View of Their Age Features69
A.N. Begletsov – Variability and Interrelation of Arm Moves
with Progressive Run Length and Travel Speed in Sprint73
E.S. Tsygankov, G.I. Shulik – Basic Model of Turn Technique in Motorcycling78
Ugra - science and sport
V.D. Povzun, A.A. Povzun, V.V. Apokin, V.Yu. Losev – Gender Features
of Gender-Role Preferences of Students' Interpersonal Choice83
S.Yu. Al’kova, A.S. Snigirev, A.V. Vekhova – Moreno's Sociometry
in Practice of Training of Elite Female Basketball Players88
in search for new breakthrough
N.D. Ovchinnikov, Yu.A. Matveev, V.I. Egozina, D.N. Ovchinnikov – Integrated Quantitative
Assessment of Influence of Conditions and Intensity of Sports-Training Loadings on Body94
L.P. Dodonova – Labour as a Method and Key Factor of Human Development and Education100