Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №1 2014

N.V. Parshikova – Regulatory Support of Organization and Staging 
of XXVII World Summer Student Games 2013 in Kazan3
R.T. Burganov – Some Results of XXVII World Summer Student Games 2013 in Kazan5
M.M. Bariev – Heritage of Student and Olympic Games - Opportunity for Investment and Development7
I.R. Gafurov – Historical Traditions and Development of University Sport in Kazan University Today10
A.R. Kadyrov – The Effect from XXVII World Summer Student Games on Regional Development15
L.M. Barieva – Volunteer Program of XXVII World Summer Student Games 2013 in Kazan19
A.M. Tagirov – The Influence of XXVII World Summer Student Games on Development of National University Sport23
M.R. Miftakhov – Modern Approaches to Effective Use of New Sports Facilities in the Republic of Tatarstan25
V.N. Zuev, O.Yu. Vinnichenko, N.G. Milovanova – Legal Vector in Heritage of Olympic and Student Games 
Movement in the Russian Federation28
university sport: state and perspectives of development
Yu.D. Yakubov – Volga Region State Academy of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism as a Unique Example 
of Heritage of XXVII World Summer Student Games32
V.I. Mikhalev, N.V. Rekutina – University Sport in Context of Olympic Ideas of Pierre de Coubertin34
L.I. Lubysheva, N.V. Peshkova – Analysis of Development of University Sport: State and Perspectives39
R.A. Yusupov – Heritage of Student Games and Benefits of University42
A.Yu. Bliznevsky, V.S. Bliznevskaya, S.V. Khudik, E.V. Vinnikova – From Regional Student Sports Events 
to World Student Games in Krasnoyarsk45
welcome to discussion
O.V. Matytsin – New Approahces to Organization of Student Games: Kazan Experience-201349
Modern olympic movement: problems and solutions
S.M. Akhmetov, Yu.K. Chernyshenko, A.A. Tarasenko – The Role of University of Physical Culture and Sport 
in Sociocultural Development of Olympic Region53
V.I. Stolyarov – Ideas of Pierre de Coubertin and Modern Olympic Movement57
N.N. Vizitey – Olympism as a Conceptual Core of Agonic Process and Its Historical Variants61
«TRAINER» – journal in journal
Piotr Zurek, Mateusz Rynkiewicz, Wlodzimierz Starosta, Zdzislaw Kolaczkowski, Ewa Ziemann, 
Richard Kopansky, Tadeusz Rynkiewicz – New Method of Strength Measurement of Stroke at Ball in Tennis66
V.I. Frolov, P.V. Frolov, I.V. Chistyakov – The Impact of Starting Slide-off of Bob on Result of Acceleration 
in Four-Man Crews70
A.P. Isaev, A.S. Aminov, V.V. Erlikh, A.V. Nenasheva – The Integrative System of Bioelements, Immunological Resistance, Enzyme and Hormonal Activity of Athletes in Conditions of Development of Local Regional Muscle Endurance in Lowland and at Middle Altitude in Different Seasons of the Year73
V.A. Vishnevsky, K.S. Krivchenkova – The Problems of Winter Sports Occupations due to Compensatory-Adaptive and Gender-Related Reorganizations in External Respiratory System of Ugra Schoolchildren83
V.V. Apokin, A.A. Povzun, V.A. Rodionov, N.R. Usaeva – Biorhythmological Analysis of Nonspecific Body 
Adaptability of Swimmers From Different Climatogeographic Regions87
Zh.I. Busheva, O.G. Litovchenko, A.V. Auster – Morphological Status 
of Junior Schoolchildren in Sport in Conditions of Northern Region91
S.V. Mukhaev – Peculiarities of Sport Training of Female Basketball Players 
of Youth Teams of Professional Clubs Based on Three-Year Training Cycle94
A.N. Legeyda, N.N. Schemenok, V.N. Seluyanov – Integrated Approach to Organization 
of Training Process with Women of the First and Second Middle-Age Periods Attending Fitness Clubs102