Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №4 2013

physical education of students
A.P. Shklyarenko, D.A. Ul'yanov, T.G. Kovalenko, N.P. Pushechkin, L.M. Pashkova, O.V. Gracheva – Design Model of Information System of Health Monitoring of Young Students3
A.V. Panikhina, O.P. Bortsova, A.A. Shukanov – Dynamics of Physiological Status 
of Female Students Using Additional Fitness Aerobics and Biopreparation "Selenes+"7
S.N. Rychkov – Individual Approach to Estimation of Students' Physical Qualities and Design 
of Classes of Physical Culture in a Gym11
I.P. Dzyuba, V.M. Shulyat'ev – Content and Structure of Training Process 
of Students Specialized in Football Based on Competitive Activity15
E.S. Potovskaya, V.G. Shil'ko – Training of Strength Abilities and Endurance in Female Students20
sports morphology
R.V. Kuchin, V.A. Schurov, A.P. Kuznetsov – Corrective Effect of Different Types 
of Motor Activity on Natural Longitudinal Body Growth24
V.Yu. Davydov, O.O. Kuraleva – Morphofunctional Characteristics of Strongest Qualified Swimmers Aged 11-1829
vocational training
N.A. Sklyar, A.A. Petrov – Personality Preconditions of Emphatic Behavior of Future Sports Teachers34
G.A. Yamaletdinova, S.I. Belykh – Modular Method of Self-Control 
of Student Values within Faculty of Physical Education38
sports psychology
R.I. Aizman, M.S. Golovin, L.A. Girenko – Psychophysiological Characteristics 
of Racing Skiers and Biathletes of Different Levels of Sportsmanship44
E.A. Parkhomenko – Formation of Motivational Sphere 
of Personality Subject Attitude in Conditions of Sports Activity48
T.V. Balykina-Milushkina, N.D. Khromov, A.I. Balykin – Boxer's Individuality 
as a Precondition of Self-realization in Elite Sport51
sociology of physical culture
V.N. Trofimov, V.I. Logunov, O.V. Shinkarenko – Formation of the Need 
for Occupations of Physical Culture in Technical University Students54
A.A. Chernyaev, M.N. Kudyashev – Characteristics of Personal Motives to Classes of Physical Culture57
mass sport enterprise management
L.V. Mel'nikova – Organizational and Pedagogical Conditions 
of Municipal Development of Sports Orienteering as Sport for All61
«Trainer» – journal in journal
I.S. Kolesnik, D.A. Osipov  – Technique of Formation of Key Spiritual and Moral Qualities of Qualified Boxers66
V.I. Frolov, P.V. Frolov, V.F. Skotnikov – Block Organization 
of Training Load of Elite Bobsleders in a Year Training Cycle71
M.V. Lagutina, E.P. Gorbaneva, I.N. Solopov – Factors of Exercise Performance 
of Female Athletes on Stages of Long-term Training in FItness Aerobics76
ugra - science and sport
A.Yu. Vetoshnikov, A.S. Snigirev, S.I. Loginov – Modern Approaches 
to the Use of Pedometer as a Mean to Record Physical Activity and Train Walking Habit83
V.D. Povzun, A.A. Povzun, V.V. Apokin, A.V. Sal'kov – The Role 
of Consideration of Biorhythms in Improvement of Academic Progress of University Students86
V.A. Vishnevsky, S.G. Sagadeeva, O.V. Vishnevsky – Increase of Motor Activity at Virtual Work89
in search for new breakthrough
Jakub Grzegorz Adamczyk, Anna Slupik, Dariusz Boguszewski, Dariusz Bialoszewski, Andrzej Ochal – Estimation of Efficiency of Warm-Up Using Plyometric and Progressive Resistance Exercises 
on Selected Biomechanical and Physiological Parameters of Lower Limbs94
V.V. Baranov – Physical Culture and Sport in University Complex 
as Factors of Formation of Student's Competitive Resource100