Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №1 2013


New technologies in sport
V.A. Kashkarov, V.A. Ivanov – Structure and contents of training microcycles on basic stage of centralized
training of elite taekwondokas3
A.V. Vishnyakov – Coordination training of junior taekwondokas in view of specific features of their
age development6
T.S. Gnusova – Pedagogical estimation of psychophysiological indices of taekwondokas11
A.A. Pomerantsev, D.V. Ivanov – The use of CFD-modeling technologies to determine hydrodynamic
characteristics of rowing and canoeing sports equipment15
Sports kinesiology
V.N. Irkhin, O.V. Vasilenko, E.S. Nikolaeva, O.V. Pol'schikova – Analysis of basic directions of development
of modern kinesiology19
M.M. Kovylin, A.A. Peredel'skiy – Philosophic and pedagogical aspects of human ontokinesiology21
A.N. Korzhenevsky, L.V. Tarasova, A.A. Vorob'ev, L.F. Kolokatova – Integrated diagnostics of fitness of elite weightlifters26
V.I. Zagrevsky, V.O. Zagrevsky, V.G. Shil'ko – The effect of phase content of biomechanical phenomena
in sports exercises on structural component of motor actions33
O.P. Panfilov, I.M. Turevsky, S.I. Zav'yalov, V.V. Borisova – Structure of psychomotor system and sensitive
manifestations of children’s motor abilities38
Reader’s contemplations, debates, suggestions
V.P. Guba – Strategy and system as main condition of effective athletes' training (case study of training for FIFA
World Cup 2018)42
Sports physiology
I.A. Mischenko, A.P. Vonarshenko, E.A. Subbotina – Specific features of cerebral and regional blood
circulation in elite shooters46
Student physical education
I.N. Nikulin, A.V. Voronkov, L.A. Kadutskaya, A.A. Konik – Technology of student recreational weight trainings49
A.V. Panikhina, N.A. Kuz'mina, I.Yu. Rozhnova, A.A. Shukanov – Correction of morphophysiological status
of junior students by means of integrated use of «Selenes+» biological product and additional physical exercises52
Vocational training
M.E. Kudryashova, E.N. Gerasimov – Competency as a cornerstone of effective didactic system and control of pupil's competency in didactic university process56
Adaptive SPORT
V.I. Syutina, E.P. Lisitsyn, Ya.V. Kalincheva – Recreational aerobics as a method of correction of functional
and psychophysical disorders of hearing-impaired children61
Trainer – journal in journal
K.Yu. Zadvornov – Mastering capacity of real-time tactical planning in qualified curlers66
V.N. Avsievich – Dynamics of morphofunctional indices and effectiveness of young male powerlifters in view
of rates of biological development71
S.V. Lubsheva – Model characteristics of preliminary training period of female acrobatic groups75
A.K. Tikhomirov, V.S. Levin, M.V. Timofeeva – On monitoring of loads in game and technical-aesthetic sports77
in search for new breakthrough
T.S. Soboleva, D.V. Sobolev, O.V. Chernukhina – Myths and reality of elite women's sport within problems of sexualization82
S.Yu. Schetinina – Socioeconomic and climatic-geographical factors of Far Eastern sports environment88
UGRA - science and sport
V.A. Vishnevsky, N.A. Grishina, E.V. Monastyreva, M.A. Monastyrev, A.Sodikov – Intraschool
meteosensitivity prevention system95