"Olympic country" program design to promote public sports within "Sport for all" movement


Professor, PhD N.Yu. Mel'nikova
Postgraduate N.A. Noskov
D.V. Mel'nikov
Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sport, Youth and Tourism (GTSOLIFK), Moscow

The article reports the progress of the Olympic Committee of Russia in the mass sport development domain and considers the public sport promotion programs designed for all social strata regardless of the people's age and social status. Objective of the study was to provide a theoretical basis for the mass sport encouragement and the Olympic movement popularizing Program “Olympic Country” supported by the Olympic Committee of Russia. The Program was designed in compliance with the relevant Olympic Charter provisions within the frame of the “Sport for All” international movement. Initiatives to encourage a club movement in the country are rated among the top priorities of the Program that is generally designed to engage every age/ social group of the national population other than the “sport reserve” groups and qualified athletes’ groups to join the Program. Generally, the initiatives are geared to support the mass sport enthusiasts and facilitate broader public involvement in sports with the sporting culture and ideas being put in focus of the general public attention with persistent support from the Olympic Committee of Russia in the Olympic values and healthy lifestyles advancement within the frame of the “Sport for All” international movement on the whole and the Olympic movement popularizing Program “Olympic Country” supported by the Olympic Committee of Russia in particular.

Keywords: Olympic Charter, "Olympic Country", public sports, "Sport for All".


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